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Tender Common Template Details
TenderNo: 3749 Tender Ref. Date: 08-07-2020
Tender Ref. No: IPRC/PUR/2020E0427701
Template Desc : Instructions to Tenderers (PT)
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I. Conditions for online submission of tenders
General Guidelines
1. Last minute request for the extension of the due date w.r.t. any technical issue at Vendors/Suppliers side will not be considered.
2. You may submit your quotation online well in advance instead of waiting till the last date to ensure that Internet problem and network condition does not cause problem.
3. The documents solicited from vendor should be submitted online.
4. The suppliers have to provide the Open Authorization as per schedule defined. Their bids will not be valid if this is not submitted online on or before the Open Authorization closing date.
5. Vendor should regularly see the e-mail being sent from e-procurement portal for initiating appropriate action.

Conditions for online submission of Tenders

01. It is mandatory for interested parties to register as vendors in our e-procurement portal for participating in online e-Procurement process of ISRO. Only registered vendors can submit their offers online in our e-Procurement portal.
02. To register as vendors please refer to the help documents listed in the illustrative demo section on the home page of the e-procurement link mentioned above. They may approach help desk (contact details provided on the home page) for any technical help for registration and subsequent process.
03. Bidders shall arrange themselves all resources, including Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) and Internet Connections at their own cost, for participating in online tendering.
04. Vendors can download the tender details and submit their offers online using their vendor accounts (obtained during registration) in our portal. Help documents/demos for tender download and bidding processes are given on home page.
05. The tender should be submitted online by selecting ISRO Propulsion Complex link provided in the Centres/Units page of ISRO e-procurement portal before the due date and time as specified in the tender.

Procedure for seeking clarifications/help for the tender
1. All enquiries regarding the tenders and submission of offers shall be online and only through our e-Procurement portal.
2. Vendors may approach help desk e-mail id and phone number given on the home page for any technical help (e-mail: and Ph: 020-30187500/ 25315555 & 09167969601).

Procedure for reporting technical issues, if any, in online submission
1. In case bidder encounters any technical snag pertaining to e-procurement system while acting on the tender, computer screen shot of the error message with date & time stamp on the web-browser along with the query shall be e-mailed by the bidder to the help desk (as mentioned above) for problem resolution at least 24 hours before the due date and time of the tender.
2. The time taken to ascertain, evaluate and suggest a solution for the problem reported by vendor may vary from case to case. Hence vendors are advised to submit the bid well in advance before closing date and time to avoid last minute issues.
3. IPRC shall not be responsible for failure of vendors in submitting bids online caused due to technical reasons at vendor end such as network or power failures, computer failure, internet-browser, mistakes / errors in filling the bids on line by vendor etc.
4. Queries by vendors on technical problems on the last day of tender will not be binding on IPRC/ISRO for resolving/addressing. IPRC will not be responsible for non-submission of bids for those cases.

Terms & conditions for extension of Tender Due Date
1. The Server Date & Time as appearing on our website in shall only be considered for the cut-off date and time for receipt of tenders.
2. Request, if any, for extension of tender due date shall reach IPRC at least 4 working days in advance of due date and time for consideration. IPRC is not bound by such requests to extend the due date unless it feels necessary.
3. The e-procurement system does not permit submission of any offer after closing date and time of the e-tender. Hence, there is no scope for any late or delayed offer in the on-line bidding process.
4. Requests for extension of due date and time citing technical issues in online submission of offers will not be entertained.
5. In case there is complete breakdown of e-Procurement system on the last day of the tender for any reason then IPRC may extend the date for submission after their own assessment.

Reworking on Submitted bids
1. Vendors have to note that once rework is initiated, the status of the earlier submitted bid becomes invalid till the bidding process is completed once again. During the process of rework earlier submitted bid data becomes invalid and will not be available for opening. If rework is initiated then vendor has to complete the entire process of bid submission once again within the due date and time for a valid bid submission.
2. IPRC will not be responsible for non submission of bids resulting due to failure of vendor to once again complete the process of bid submission before due date after reworking of submitted bid is initiated.
3. Please note that unsolicited clarifications / changes / modifications sought by the vendors after submitting their bids will not be considered.

Procedure for filling offers online
1. Vendors may please note that in case of two-part tender, the price details shall be mentioned only in the price-bid template. If the price details either in part or full are indicated in the technical bid, the bid will be disqualified.
2. Vendors may note that in e-procurement system submission of bid is a two-step process. After submission of their bids, vendors have to wait for bid sealing by IPRC purchase officer. Following that vendors have to submit open authorization in the e-procurement system to enable the purchase officer to open the bid. If open authorization is not completed by the vendor then purchase officer will not be able to open the bid and the bid becomes invalid.

Using Digital Certificates for online submission
1. Vendors may note that digital keys of class-III USB tokens, which supports both digital signing and encryption are to be used for bidding in IPRC e-procurement system.
2. Vendors may note that they have to use the same digital key with which they submitted the bid to give open authorization. If vendors use different key for open authorization, the system will not accept the open authorization and the bid becomes invalid.
3. In case the digital key which is used during bid submission expires before giving open authorization, then vendor has to first login with the new key and use the expired key for completing open authorization process for the bid.

Uploading files in to E-procurement portal
1. Vendors may please note that the maximum file size that can be uploaded per attachment in e-procurement system is 4 MB. If the document is more than 4 MB then the document is to be split into multiple documents of size less than 4 MB and upload into attachments (preferably in pdf format). Literature / Technical data should accompany the quotation.
2. Similarly, if the number of files to be uploaded is more than the number of attachments allowed in the tender then group the files into folders such that the number of folders is less than the number of attachments. Further zip/archive the folders and upload as attachments. However, the attachment size should still be less than 4 MB.
3. Vendors may note that documents including Literature / Technical data are to be uploaded through e-procurement system only.
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