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Tender Common Template Details
TenderNo: 3739 Tender Ref. Date: 19-06-2020
Tender Ref. No: IPRC/PUR/2020E0430701
Template Desc : Instructions to Tenderers (PT)
Sr No Description Value

A] The Contractor shall have licence under the Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970 according to the number of personnel engaged depositing the fees and complying with the formalities from the date of the Work Contract. Contractor shall also seek the renewal of the registration before the expiry of the licence, if applicable.
B] The Contractor shall have registration with EPF and ESI authority from the date of Work Contract for the purpose of remitting EPF and ESI contributions in respect of the personnel engaged by them under the Contract, if applicable.
C] The Contractor shall be liable to pay Employees contribution, Employers contribution towards EPF and ESI after deducting the same from the bill, at the rates prescribed by the respective Organisations/ Departments, if applicable.
D] The Contractor shall remit the Employers contribution towards EPF and ESI every month to the respective authorities towards EPF and ESI, failing which the Contract will be terminated without further notice, if applicable.
E] Payment: Pro-rata monthly payment for completed works.
F] Successful Contractor shall have to furnish Security Deposit for an amount equivalent to 10% of Contract value, in the form of Bank Guarantee/Fixed Deposit Receipt valid for a period of 60 days beyond successful completion of the Contract.
G] Our GST Reg. No. is 33AAAG10056H1ZV. Please provide your GST No./ Registration details and furnish applicable GST in your quote for the quoted items.

Right of Rejection of Bids/Viability:

A. The Purchaser (IPRC) reserves the right to reject any or all bids without assigning reasons thereto.

B. On evaluation of a bid or bids if it is observed that the bid(s) are not viable the Purchaser reserves the right to reject such bids although such bid or bids may normally be valid. Viability of a bid w.r.t. prices quoted shall be examined on the following basis:

a. Duration of the contract.

b. Scope of work as defined in the RFP or Tender Document.

c. Whether the bidder has understood the scope of the work and possesses adequate capability in terms of experience, manpower (adequately trained wherever essential) etc. to execute the Contract for its entire duration.

d. Whether the prices quoted are sustainable considering wages payable to the Contractor’s employees deployed on the work in accordance with provisions of relevant statutes such as the Minimum Wages Act 1948, Contract Labour (Abolition and Regulation) Act 1970 with all their amendments or any other relevant statutes, executive orders etc. as may be applicable to the subject matter during the currency of the contract.

e. Whether the bidder has considered and factored any other costs in the price bid which may be incurred by the Contractor due to requirements of compliance to any other statutory provisions or/and contract conditions and other overheads which may be incurred by the Contractor for servicing the contract.

f. Whether after fulfilling the above, the bidder is able to retain a reasonable profit from the quoted prices.

If on evaluation of the bids on the basis of above criteria it is observed that the bidder may not be able to sustain the contract with reasonable profit, such bids will be deemed having ‘nil consideration‘ and shall be deemed as invalid in accordance with instructions issued by Government of India in this respect.

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