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Tender Common Template Details
TenderNo: 3442 Tender Ref. Date: 07-11-2019
Tender Ref. No: IPRC/PUR/2019E0382501
Template Desc : Standard Terms and Conditions
Sr No Description Value
1 . 1. Interested tenderers may, at their option, login to and submit offers.

2. Indian agents while quoting on behalf of their principals are requested to attach necessary authorization letter from their Principals in their bid.

3. The offer should be valid for a minimum period of 90 days from the date of tender opening.

The offer should be “valid for a minimum period of 90 days in case of Single Part Tender from the date of price bid opening” & in “Two Part Tender 120 days from the date of opening of technical bids , & 60 days from the price bid opening” 4. Bids will not be entertained after the due date and time.

5. Request for the extension of the due date will not be considered.

6. Purchase and Stores Officer, IPRC reserves the right to accept or reject any bid in part or full without assigning any reason thereof.

7. You may submit your quotation online at least two days before the due to ensure that Internet problem and network congestion does not cause problem. The due date will not be extended due to non-availability of server.

8. The suppliers have to provide the Open Authorization as per schedule defined. Their bids will not be valid if this is not submitted online before the Open Authorization closing date.

10. Please note that the delivery term shall be FOR Mahendragiri.

11. Warranty clause: The items supplied shall be warranted for a period of 1 / 2 / 3 years from the date of supply, installation & acceptance of system at IPRC, Mahendragiri.

12. All vendors should regularly see the e-mail being sent from e-procurement portal for initiating appropriate action

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